Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Performance at the Little Angel Theatre in London

Our first official show was last September at the Little Angel Theatre in London. We were part of the Hatch Festival. We were very excited by the idea to perform there. The intimate space and the educational vocation of the theatre make this place unique.

With just a technical rehearsal in the morning we tried to do our best for the evening performance.
We had the impression that our show suddenly made sense in these architecture. We were able to interact with the public and to tell a story. Our amazing pianist created an mysterious atmosphere with only a keyboard.

The most interesting in the Hatch Festival is the collection of the public's comments at the end of each performance: a great way to learn and improve for a new born company!!!!

We wanted to thank everybody who helped us!!!!
We are now in a process of transforming the play and the upcoming show will get your hair to stand on end!!!!

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