Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bermuda: a warm welcome to Musicanima Theatre

Hi everybody,

you haven't heard from us because we were rehearsing, performing, adjusting, reshaping: oops a new script and some shadow puppets... Creating takes so much time and our show becomes better and better as a good wine becomes excellent after few months and years.

We have worked hard and we are still working on it. But good news: Bermuda invites us to perform in two different venues. Alexander and I will give there few workshops related to the show!!!

I know that it will be a bit difficult to come overseas to see us but no worries we are discussing about performing in other venues and institutions in UK and maybe in Europe....

I wish you a sunny summer. I have faith in the british weather and I am sure that the sun will shine in the next few days!

Latana Director of Musicanima Theatre

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